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Sensibility & safety
sensibility & safety

A note from one of our previous tourists:

You will be able to experience all manner of things in China, sometimes these experiences are a shock to the sensibilities of individuals who have only experienced life in front of a television or in a shopping mall. If you do not want to see, smell, taste, feel what real life is like in China, then you may consider that a more sanitised vacation in a resort designed to be bland and fastidiously clean would be best for you. Jenny can promise the adventurous tourist memories that will live with them for ever.

It is also important to note that in many of the sites you will tour, safety becomes a key responsibility of the individual. A cliff edge is just that a cliff edge. There are rarely signs to point out that it is a cliff edge and even less likely to be a railing to stop the foolish from wandering over it!. China is a place where one can experience the reality of life, which also means one needs to be accountable for ones OWN behaviours and safety. (Just as there is not a safety railing along the edge of the Grand Canyon!)

That said, it is not an inherently dangerous place, it simply holds risks for the foolish, inebriated, inconsiderate or ignorant. An intelligent, considerate, self-
aware, safety-conscious tourist should have nothing to fear. As you will see from the photo above Life-Vests can be worn on the bamboo river trip.

To be honest, it was these very qualities that made our trip around China so special! The sites, the sounds, the smells, the differences!!!

Written by Adrian after our China 2001 trip.

The vacation of a life-time.