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Wuyishan Tour Options
Wuyishan Tour Options
English and Chinese speaking Tour guide service: Rmb400/day
Vehicle: 7seater sedan or SUV van : Rmb300yuan/day
Admission fee:
WuyiMountain: Rmb235yuan/people
Bamboo raft on nine twist stream: Rmb130yuan/people
Bamboo raft on Cloudy River: Rmb180yuan/people
Xiamei ancient village: Rmb60yuan/people
The Longchuan Grand Canyon: Rmb60yuan/people
QingLongWaterfall: Rmb60yuan/people
Impression DaHongPao: Rmb218yuan/people
The Minyue Royal City: Rmb40yuan/people
Meals: Rmb100yuan/people or you can order by yourself
Some special family inn: Rmb160yuan/night/Room without breakfast
Three star hotel: Rmb260yuan/Night/Room with breakfast
Four star hotel: Rmb350yuan/night/Room with breakfast
Special four star hotel: Rmb450yuan/night/Room with breakfast
Five star hotel: Rmb690yuan+150yuan(on Friday and Saturday/night/Room with breakfast
More details,please write to Jenny (yanqin721@gmail.com or call: 0086+13960673069
Quotation for the festivals & holidays designated by the government,they will be charged extra)
Heavenly Tour Peak/( also named Cloud Nest Area)/Royal Tea Garden/Big Red Robe/Water Curtain Cave,/Bamboo Rafting on the Nine-bend Stream / The One Line Sky Scenic Area,
Heavenly Tour Peak is located at the center of the Wuyi scenic area. It has stone steps leading to the summit, which is 700 meters above sea level, and commanding a bird eye view of the fabulous Nine-bend Stream. From the top, o-ne sees peaks over peaks below with beautiful landscape stretching to a misty distance. Here, in the early morning or on rainy days, visitors can see a sea of clouds passing by, as if touring in heaven, hence the name of the peak.
Big Red Robe: Dahongpao (Big Red Robe), also known as the Emperor of Tea, is a lightly fermented oolong. It o-nly grows around the Wuyi mountain rocks. It originated from wild rare tea plants that were found growing o-n the cliff of Wuyi Mountain. Dahongpao yields a golden yellow liquid that produces a pleasant long lasting aftertaste. This tea is also renowned for its nourishing medicinal properties.
The Nine Bend Stream: The Nine Bend Stream valley covers 8.5 sq km, with a total length of 9.5km. It takes two hours to tour the valley. The stream water is so clear that you can see the stones at the bottom. The clear stream forms a delightful contrast with the red mountains, with each bend having its own unique landscape. On both sides of the Nine Bend Stream stand grotesque rocks.
Xiamei Ancient Village/Tea Expo Garden/Impression Dahongpao/Local Wood-carving Stores/ The Longchuan Grand Canyon/ Yulinting Kiln Site
Impression Dahongpao
It is the fifth and the latest production of Zhang Yimou's Impression features. The show, which is scheduled to officially open on March 2nd, highlights the splendid scenery of Wuyi Mountain and its rich tea culture. "Impression Dahongpao's" stage covers nearly one hectare. the 70-minute show boasts a 360-degree angle setting and seating capacity of two thousand. Elements of traditional stone and woodcarvings, residential housing, and the architectural style of Wuyi Mountain have been combined in the stage design. The show, set in a tea park, projects the appearance of a giant teahouse, with waitresses dressed in traditional folk costumes serving Dahongpao, or Red Robe Tea, a Wuyi Mountain specialty with the reputation as China's "tea king".
Xiamei Ancient Village, the Start of the Ancient Tea Road
A half day side trip to the ancient Xiamei Village is highly recommended
As an important part of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in Mount Wuyi, Xiamei Village was also listed as one of Chinas Famous Villages with Historical and Cultural Significance on September 16, 2005 In the later Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Xiamei Village had been developed into a tea marketing hub, a starting point of the Ancient Tea Road. The Ancient Tea Road extended from northern Fujian to Moscow finally reaching Europe.Today Xiamei Village is well known for its vernacular Ming and Qing Dwellings featuring exquisite brick, stone and wood carvings. A 900 meters long man made river winds cross the village from west to east, making a landscape of water and village in southern China.
The Longchuan Grand Canyon is 21 kilometers away from the Mt. Wuyi tour area and 18 kilometers from the core area of the Mount Wuyi preserve.
The moment you step into this canyon world, you enter a realm of gardens and waterfalls. Ancient trees with giant vines entwined thrusts into the sky. Elegant water fountains runs along the rugged surface of the mountains. Silvery water curtains bounce off the mountain just to reflect the colorful sunshine. All makes you feel you have entered a fairy land. You can go there any time of the year.
The Ancient Minyue Royal City / Bamboo Rafting / Wuyi Palace /Song Street / Wuyishan Museum/DaAnYuan Waterfall,
The Minyue Royal City is also popularly known as "the Ancient Han city", "the Min Royal city". It is situate at the 24 km away from the south of Wuyi Gong. The city was first built in 202 B.C when Wuzhu, the King of Minyue Kindom was bestowed with the land by Liu Ban,the first Emperor of Han Dynasty. The total area of the royal city covered 480000 km2. It was built on the mountains surrounded by waters. The city wall was 2896meters long, even now the outline of the city wall can be recognized easily. On the wall there were built city towers,beacon towers, and observation towers,and outside there were official buildings, houses, malls and graves.The "Royal palace site" in the city center was found to be featured by the enclosed complex palaces with the compact layout and good patterns. Its architectural style resembled that of Qin and Han Dynasties. But its patterns of houses were unique with the typical local style and culture. The Minyue Royal city is the best preserved Han Dynasty city in China, and it is also an important component of the world's cultural heritage in Wuyi Mountains. It serves as a window to the lost ancient civilization in Fujian.
Wuyi Palace was first built in the Tianbao years (742-755) during the Tang Ddynasty. The Wuyi Palace is the oldest taoist palace in the Wuyi Mountains a place of sacrificial offering for the Spirit Lord of Wuyi Mountains by the emperors in all the dynasties. It was also one of the famous six palaces of Taoism in Song Dynasty.
In Song dynasty, the Wuyi Palace was expanded to accommodate over 300 halls in the Song Dynasty. In mid autumn every year, sacrificial ceremonies would be held in honor of Lord Wuyi and the Venerable Royal Lady.
The Qinglong waterfall is located o-n the west of the Grand Canyon ecology park in Mount Wuyi. The 40-meter-wide Qinglong Waterfall at Tianzidi that cascades downhill from a height of 120 meters. It is known as the No. 1 Waterfall in East China. The forests are luxuriant around the waterfall .There are also plenty of wide animals and plants, including 1,017 varieties of higher plants, 93 species of beasts in vertebrates like taxus, tulip tree, emmenopterys henryi, white neck king pheasant, yellow belly tragopan, pangolin and so o-n. Fresh air generated by the magic virgin forest in the park is just like a natural oxygen bar where you can breathe the abundant oxygen, have a camping or forest bath, in the meantime taste the freshest foods produced here.
Duration: 3-5Days
Tour Code: CF-WYS- SET A/B/C Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Travel Time: Suitable for the whole year, best from March to November.
Day 1 Arrival Wuyishan City Meals: No meals
Arrive in Wuyishan you will be meet and greet by our local guide and transfer to your hotel. Free at leisure for the rest of the day.
Accommodation: Your Choice Hotel
Day 2- Wuyishan Visiting Meals: Breakfast
After breakfast inside hotel, meet and greet by our local guide at hotel, Transfer you to your choice sightseeing
itinerary (SET A/SET B/SET C). Accommodation: Your Choice Hotel
Day 3 Wuyishan Visiting Meals: Breakfast
After breakfast inside hotel, meet and greet by our local guide at hotel, Transfer you to your choice sightseeing
itinerary (SET A/SET B/SET C). Accommodation: Your Choice Hotel
Day 4 Wuyishan Visiting Meals: Breakfast
After breakfast inside hotel, meet and greet by our local guide at hotel, Transfer you to your choice sightseeing
itinerary (SET A/SET B/SET C). Accommodation: Your Choice Hotel
Day 5 Departure Wuyishan Meals: Breakfast
Be transferred to the airport for the flight to your next stop.