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WuYiShan China International Travel Service is dedicated to provide quality tour guides and other travel services. It is our mission to introduce the wonders of China, including the largely undiscovered regions in Fujian to outside world. We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to provide excellent services to our guests and spread the words through their unforgettable experiences.

 Our Management Team:
    WangJun, Chairman of WuYiShan CITS. born in March 1953, JianShu Province ,China; graduated from the Nanking University, Major in French. In 1977. he worked in France after graduating from university. in March, 1992, he was the vice director of headquarters under the Chairman and General Manager of CITS in France. In October 2000, he became the Chairman of WuYiShan CITS.
    Huang QuanFu, the General Manager of WuYiShan CITS, From WuYiShan. Born In July 1947, studied Law in graduated school. In 1988 he got the certification and became a full time lawyer, then was the counselor at law of WuYiShan CITS. Later he was promoted to the Vice General Manager. In October 2000, he was appointed the General Manager by the company directorate.
    ZhangYanQin ( Jenny), Manager, CITS-Amex Leisure Travel Service Network of WuYiShan CITS. Originally from WuYiShan. Born in July 1973, graduated from FuJian Teaching University, major in English. Jenny has worked as tour guide for years. In the past eight years, she has been focused on services of translation and managing tourists from foreign countries. Recently, her performance was quoted as WuyiShan's best tour manager in three newspapers. Her email address is : z_jenny21@hotmail.com

Our Scope
    We can arrange travel to all regions of China, as well as to other parts of the world. While our undoubted expertise lies in the Fujian Region, especially the Wuyi mountain area.