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A taste of FuJian
A taste of Fujian China / Happily tour in Fuzhou - Wuyi Shan - Taining

A taste of Fujian China

Itinerary : Wuyi Shan 每 Fuzhou 每 Meizhou 每 Yong Ding 每 Xiamen
Fujian boasts beautiful landscapes and rich cultural relics. It is a treasure land along the southeast coast of China and the brilliant pearl of the west shore of Taiwan Strait.
Sprawling along the coast of East China Sea and the west shore of Taiwan Strait, Fujian is a gallery of landscapes and blessed land on earth; it welcomes your visit and expects to share your pleasure.
Day 1: Wuyi Shan On arrival by air, you will be met by our CITS guide and transferred to your hotel.
In the afternoon, we will visit the Happy Buddha, the ancient Yongle Temple, the supernatural Big Red Robe tea tree and the amazing Nine Dragon Nest.
Day 2: Wuyi Shan Today, you will learn about tea culture and enjoy ancient royal music in the Royal Tea Garden. Then, it*s off to visit Zhu Xi Academy to learn more about Chinese neo-Confucian culture. You*ll be sightseeing on the most beautiful mountain in Wuyi Shan with stops at Heavenly Peak, Cloudy Nest and Special Tea Canyon, Fairy Bath Pool, and Tian You Temple. Along the way, you can relax and enjoy watching fish in the river.
In the afternoon, you*ll take a traditional bamboo rafting tour, sightseeing on the wonderful Nine Twist Stream before visiting Wuyi Palace and having a cup of Wuyi Rock Tea.
Day 3: Wuyi Shan After breakfast, a visit to the famous eight beautiful scenes including the Roaring Tiger Rock, natural temple, the Biggest Ray of Sky in the world, Wind Tunnel and Immortal Building.
After lunch, transfer to the railway station to Fuzhou by train N589.
Day 4: Fuzhou 每 Meizhou Fuzhou is the ancient capital of the Min Kingdom and the metropolis of Fujian province. We*ll see Gushing Spring Temple on Drum Mountain and Memorial Hall of Lin Ze-xu.
Later, you*ll go to Meizhou Island of Putian to pay a visit to the homeland of Mazu, the Goddess of the sea.
Day 5: Quanzhou Visit Kaiyuan Temple, Alshab Mosque, Nan*san Jiuri Mountain, LaoJun Rock at Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou Museum, the Museum of relationship between Fujian and Taiwan, and Xiamei Jimei School village.
Day 6: Yong Ding After breakfast, we*ll go to Yong Ding to visit Earthen Buildings and learn about the mysterious Hakka Culture.
Day 7: Xiamen Visit Gu Lang Island with the laudatory title &Island of the piano* or &Maritime garden*. Visit Sunlight Rock (cable fee extra), then view Shu Zhuang Garden, Piano Museum, HulI Shan Fortress. After dinner, the happy tour of Fujian finishes.

Quotation: USD 510 P/P

Room rates for three star hotel (six nights) with breakfasts
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Six lunches
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