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11days tour in China

Day01 Arrive in Beijing (L/D)
Arrive in Beijing, meet with guide and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon visit Heaven Temple (Tian Tan in Chinese), which was built in 1420 of the Ming Dynasty and expanded in the Qing Dynasty at present covering an area of 273 hectares. The grand temple served as the sacrificial place for the emperors of the Ming and Qing to worship the heaven, presenting gratitude for the harvest of this year and praying for another good harvest next year. Overnight at 3*Harmony Hotel
Day02 Beijing (B/L/D)
Stroll in the Tian An Men Square, which is probably the biggest one of its kind in the world. Then go to visit Forbidden City (Gu Gong) the emperor's palace, which was built between 1406 and 1420 with 9000 halls and rooms, containing many precious relics. Facing south and rising from a terrace, the largest palace in the world represents the supreme power and authority emperors enjoyed during the feudalistic dynasties, and exemplifies the elements of palace architecture. Besides, visit the Summer Palace (Yi He Yuan). Overnight at 3*Harmony Hotel
Day03 Beijing (B/L/D)
In the morning go to the Great Wall, one of the eight ancient wonders of the world and the only man-made construction on earth that the astronauts can see in the moon. Starting out in the east on the banks of Yalu River in Liaoning Province, the Wall stretches westwards for 12,700 kilometers to Jiayuguan in the Gobi Desert. It was built as a defensive structure and gradually become the symbol of the ancient Chinese civilization. Then visit the Ming Tombs, which are a group of mausoleums of13 Ming emperors and their empresses and concubines. Two of the toms are open to the public. The most famous is the Dingling, an underground palace. Overnight at 3*Harmony Hotel
Day04 Air Beijing 每 Xi*an (B/L/D)
In the morning transfer to airport and fly to Xian by flight (CA1203 0730/0915). Upon arrival, transfer to visit the Museum of Terra-cotta Army. This mighty army of terracotta warriors and horses, found in three vaults 39 km east of Xi*an and 1.5km from the Qin emperor*s mausoleum, is the most popular tourist attraction of Shaanxi. An inside museum has been built over these pits, covering a floor space of 20,000 square meters and displaying 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors, 100 or so chariots, and 30,000 weapons-an assemblage famed as the Eighth World Wonder and a world cultural heritage site.Besides, visit Da Yan Ta (Big Wild-Goose Pagoda), which was completed in 652, or the 3rd year of Yonghui reign of the Tang emperor Gaozong. The 64.1-metre-high Pagoda in Ci*en Temple is a pavilion-like brick structure whose serene and well-proportioned form has become the emblem of Xian. Overnight at 3*Wenyuan Hotel
Day05 Xi*an (B/L/D)
In the morning,go sightseeing of the Stone Tablet Forest. The Stone Sculpture Gallery was built in 1963, including mausoleum stone sculpture and religious stone sculpture from Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD) to Tang Dynasty. It is prized as a great treasure in the art of world stone sculptures. Then drive to the Xi'an Ancient City Wall,the best preserved, oldest and largest ancient city defense system in China. Visit the Wall and the Bell Tower. Besides, visit the Grand Mosque in Xi*an. Overnight at 3*Wenyuan Hotel
Day06 Air Xi*an 每 Jiuzhai (B/L/D)
In the morning transfer to airport and take flight to Jiuzhaigou (by flight HU7823 0840/1010). Upon arrive at the Jiuhuang airport,drive to the Huanglong Scenic Spot which is listed as a World Natrual Heritage. Located at Songpan County, the Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) scenic spot, as the legend goes, is so named to commemorate the Golden Dragon of the East Sea who helped Dayu, an ancient emperor in remote antiquity, to regulate rivers and watercourse. The Min Mountains and forests contribute to the complete primitive ecological environment, unique magic scenery and pastoral customs of the minority nationality. As a national park in China, Huanglong has won the praise as ※heaven on earth§ or ※wonderland§ and is marked by its low-temperature and highly calcified Karst landform, which forms numerous valuable colored ponds. Besides, marvelous water forms, natural scenery composed of magnificent valleys, colorful pools, grasslands and wild animals all make Huanglong more fascinating. In the afternoon drive via Jiuhuang airport to Jiuzhaigou. Overnight at 4*New Jiuzhai Hotel
Day07 Jiuzhaigou (B/L/D)
Go sightseeing the whole day in three valleys. Situated in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou (Nine-villages Valley) is listed as a World Natrual Heritage and reputed as a ※fairyland§ with its fantastic natural view. It is named after the nine Tibetan villages in the scenic area. As the water, the ※soul of Jiuzhaigou§, is purely and crystal-like clear and rich in colors, there goes the saying that no water is worth your attention after your visit to Jiuzhaigou. The water, the reflection on the bank, the stone mill, the Tibetan villages, the Buddhist streamers and the songs and dances of the Tibetan and Qiang people constitute the unique tourist culture of Jiuzhaigou. 114 green lakes, 47 springs, 17 over flying waterfall groups, 11 sections of turbulent streams, 5 Karst shoals, vast primitive forest and three Tibetan villages are distributed among the three valleys. It has an area of 1320 square km. including 30,000 hectares of primitive forest where are living 2576 proto species including scores of state-protected animals and plants such as the giant panda, golden monkey and mono-leaf grass. Overnight at 4*New Jiuzhai Hotel
Day08 Air Jiuzhai 每 Chengdu (B/L/D)
Fly back to Chengdu, upon arrive in Chengdu drive to visit Chengdu Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Research. Founded in 1986, today there lives over 40 panda bears of different ages. After visit those lovely pandas, drive to downtown Chengdu. Pay a visit to the Shrine of Daoism in Sichuan area, the Qingyang Gong Palace. Overnight at 3*Xinliang Hotel
Day09 Air Chengdu 每 Guilin (B/L/D)
Transfer to airport in the morning and fly to Guilin (by flight CA4323 0740/0905). Upon arrival transfer to visit the Flute Reed Cave and the Elephant Trunk Hill. The Reed Flute Cave, 5 km (3miles) from downtown in northwest suburb of Guilin. Here the scenery is focused on caves, and their rural setting. Within the cave there are enchanting stalagmites, stone pillars, stele, stone curtains and stone flowers. This wonderland is referred to as Nature's Museum of Art. From as early as the Tang Dynasty, this cave has attracted tourists many of whom have left murals, of which seventy-seven are well preserved. Then we go to visit the Elephant Trunk Hill, located at the confluence of the Taohua (Peach Blossom) River and the Li River, this Hill is too famous to be missed. The Moon-over-Water Cave and the Moon-through-Hill Cave make up the unique Li River Twin Moons, with one moon over the water and the other in the sky. Overnight at 3*Fubo Hotel
Day10 Guilin Li River sightseeing, Train Guilin 每 Guangzhou (B/L/D)
In the morning go sailing on the Li River to Yangshuo. The Li River is crystal clear, and no matter how deep the water is, the riverbed, the pebbles, sand, and weeds can be seen. Take a walk on the West Street. Drive back Guilin. After diner transfer to railway station and take night train to Guangzhou (by train T37/40 1957/0842, soft sleeper, 4-persons-berth). Overnight on train
Day11Through train Guangzhou 每 Hong Kong
Reach Guangzhou in the morning. Meet guide and driver, transfer to the through train station for train to Hong Kong (train ticket on own). End of the amazing tour.

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