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How to visit Wuyishan

How to visit Wuyishan
Plan your wuyishan tour? One question is how to visit Wuyi Mountains and what to do in Mount Wuyi. Well, Wuyishan is mainly composed of three parts 每 wuyishan City,Wuyishan Holiday Resort and Wuyishan Scenic Area.
Visitors would stay at wuyishan Holiday Resort and ?and sightseeing at Wuyishan Scenic Area which are close to each other, only divided by a river known as ChongYangStream. Few people would like to visit
Wuyisha City itself which is 16km north of both Wuyishan holiday Resort and sightseeing at Wuyishan Scenic Area.
Wuyishan Scenic Area
Wuyishan Scenic Area are mainly composed of Heavenly tour peak ,Nine Bend River Rafting area ,Roaring Tiger Rock ,A thread of Sky Area,Water Curtain Cave-DahongPao area and Wuyi Palace Scenic Area 
Most popularly daily plan for the 5 scenic areas in Wuyishan Scenic Area:
Day 01: Morning: Heaveny Tour Peak
        Afternoon: Nine Bend River Rafting &  Wuyi Palace
Day 02: Morning: Roaring Tiger Rock & A Thread of Sky
        Afternoon:Water Curtain Cave & Da Hong Pao
How to Get to Wuyshan Scenic Area
The 16km Wuyi Avenue links Wuyishan City and Wuyishan National Holiday Resort running from north to south. Both Wuyishan Railway Station and Wuyishan Airpor are located close to Wuyi Avenue. So
Wuyishan National Holiday Resort is easily accessible by trains and flights.  
Wuyishan Scenic Area is located on the west bank of ChongYangStream running from north to south which is the divided line between Wuyishan Scenic Area and wuyishan National Holiday Resort.It is only a 20 minute walk cross Lantang Bridge over ChongYangStream from wuyishan National Holiday Resort to the Wuyi Palace the entrance to the core of Wuyishan Scenic Area.
 Wuyi Palace Entrance to Wuyishan Scenic Area
Wuyi Palace is an attraction itself as well as a place where visitors can buy entrance tickets and shuttle bus tickets for their sightseeing at Wuyishan Scenic Area. Actually Wuyi Palace is the informal entrance to the core of Wuyishan Scenic Area, it is not the main entrance to Wuyishan Scenic Area. Wuyishan Scenic Area has two main entrances 每 North Entrance and South Entrance.
 North Entrance to Wuyishan Scenic Area
If you come from either 
Wuyishan Railway Station or Wuyishan Airpor - to wuyishan National Holiday Resort you will pass by the North Entrance to Wuyishan Scenic area. You may stop to buy the tickets for your sightseeing at Wuyishan Scenic area..
  Get around Wuyishan Scenic Area
For the transportation in Wuyishan Scenic Area, you must use the shuttle bus service operated by Wuyishan Scenic Area Company. So when you purchase your entrance tickets, you must buy their shuttle bus service. All the shuttle buses start both at North Entrance and South Entrance. Most tour groups have to go to either North Entrance or South Entrance aboard the buses for their sightseeing. 
How to Purchse the Tickets for Wuyishan Scenic Area ( Attractions & Shuttle Bus Service )
Like most so called ※5A§ scenic areas elsewhere in China, Wuyishan Scenic Area also has the ticketing policy of all for one ticket practice- You buy one ticket for all the attractions you are going to visit instead of buying one by one. This all for one tickting policy is also practised for shuttle bus service within Wuyishan Scenic Area.
 Only one exception, the ticket for bamboo rafting and NineBend River is not included for the all for one ticket. You have to buy separately.
 Attractions Tickets
One Day Tour:   RMB 140
Three Day Tour: RMB 150
Three Day Tour: RMB 160
Bamnoo Rafting: RMB 130
 Shuttle Bus Tickets
One Day Tour:   RMB 70
Three Day Tour: RMB 85
Three Day Tour: RMB 95
 Shuttle Bus Operting Time ( North Entrance +South Entrance)
Autumn and Summer: 06:30 每 18:30
Spring and Winter: 06:50 每 18:00
1. Children 1.2 每 1.5 meters high; half price
2. Senior over 70 years: Half price

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