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About Wuyishan In Fujian Province

Wuyishan is a mountainous region , consisting of red stone, that has weathered over thousands of years to become the beautiful scenery of today well known for its green water and ¡°red¡± mountains. It is this region, that where famous sites such as the ¡°Nine Twist stream¡±, ¡°thirty-six peaks¡±, ¡°seventy-two caves¡± and ¡°ninety-nine rock formations¡± are located.
In 1999 Wuyishan city became a recognised world natural and cultural heritage site. Wuyishan is known by names such as: ¡°World natural and culture heritage site¡±; ¡°State key scenic area and State key nature Reserve¡±; ¡°National Tourist Resort Area¡±; ¡°State First Class Clean Air Area¡±; and ¡°The World's Human & Biosphere Preserve¡±. It has beautiful scenery, a galaxy of culture, many historical sites and abundant natural resources.
The nature preserve is located in the western part of the Wuyishan. This area has maintained a complete mid-subtropical pristine forest ecological system. It has been noted by bio-scientists internationally as a ¡°a world of insects¡±, ¡°a world biological bank¡± and ¡°a paradise of birds¡±.
It also maintains long-term regional cultures such as tea culture, religious culture, folk culture and tourist culture, rock-carved calligraphies and poems left by famous scholars in history which have recorded the history and beautiful legendry of Wuyishan.
A newly opened great canyon ecological park is in the centre of Wuyi Shan where Tourists can enjoy the best of our forests, canyons, waterfalls and streams. It is very good place for people to return to nature and enjoy the beauty of life.
Transportation in Wuyishan is very convenient with good accessibility by air, rail and highway. The tourist industry has mature and many visitors come to Wuyishan each year to enjoy themselves.
As a Chinese saying goes : famous mountains produce famous tea. Wuyishan has enjoyed a long history and international fame in producing prize Wuyi Rock tea (belongs to oolong Tea). Dahongpao tea, the most prized produce, is naturally grown only on the cliff of the nine dragon Valley of WuYi and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad.
As a result, I am confident that you will enjoy a visit to Wuyi Shan and its surroundings. Thank You!